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This email is going to overwhelm you w/ "personal branding" value

Published 12 months ago • 3 min read

This email is brought to you by a collaboration between:
Amine Hammou, CEO of Brand Orchestrate & Tara L. Gooch, CEO of Best Branding Solutions.

First of all,
We want to say thank you you for those who stayed with us for literally 2h and a half in our previous webinar!

It went from crappy audio intros > to a masterclass > to an office hour real quick!!

​"He's calling us out!!" Suleyka Gonzalez-O'Keefe

​"Amine loves to kick it up… LOL" Guylaine Regimbald

​When you go over time and ask people if they want to stay and everyone is like this:

​"I'll stay." Suleyka Gonzalez-O'Keefe (1h:06)

​"Sure!" Latifa after (1h:06)

​"Yes, I would love the 20 minutes." Karen Rojas (1h:06)

​"I'm not in a hurry to leave. I would love to learn as much as possible." Brandi after (1h:06)

​"Go for IT Amine. You're on a roll." Guylaine Regimbald (1h:07)

​You know you've delivered beyond expectations! But don't take it from us, take it from them:

​"Amine is heading as a psychologist. 😎" Guylaine Regimbald

​"Great insights! I cannot take notes fast enough!" Suleyka Gonzalez-O'Keefe

​"I love that quote Amine. Only you give a sh*t about yourself. But do you?" Guylaine Regimbald

​"Thanks, Amine and Tara! I finally understand now what personal branding is. This will significantly help me with how I can express myself on my website!" Rhiza Mendoza

​"I really like the body part. I took notes to personalize it for my business." Fateme Asa

We were going to cut off the office-hour part, but if we do that you'd miss the highlight answers to the questions below:

  • When should I quit?
  • Corporate or entrepreneurship? or both?
  • Shiny object syndrome
  • I don't feel like I'm good enough

We decided to leave it raw, unfiltered, and unedited because that's who we are, messy value bombs.

If you don't know where to start and you're looking for a good personal branding intro,
Watch the recording below:

Special thanks to Vanessa Wei, Matt Allen, Karen Rojas, Rhiza Mendoza, Leonard, Brandi, Fateme, Latifa.

Our challenge for you after you watch the video is this:

In the anatomy part, don't use the analogy that we made, make up your own analogy based on your own interests (mechanics, sports, animals, etc.) and share that analogy with us by replying to this email and we will select the best analogy and post it on social media to help you grow.

Bonus: Here's the Notion presentation we used in the session.

Bonus 2: Here's that same Notion page as a PDF - The_anatomy_of_personal_brand.pdf

If you enjoyed and get value from this, use the visuals below and share what you learned with a friend,
it costs nothing to do.

Let's together fit every misfit and build a world where every voice is heard.

Tara is at: & Amine is at:

If you think this session was high level value bomb wait until you see the actual workshop that we're preparing for you!

You'll learn how to:

  • ​Find your hidden talent (value x purpose = IKIGAI)
  • ​Build a personal brand vision
  • ​Tell your origin story
  • ​Find/make your niche of one
  • ​Build a personal monopoly
  • ​Differentiate and stand out
    • ​Positioning
    • ​2-word ID
    • ​Spicy taglines
  • ​Craft signature IPs
    • ​Close
    • ​Vocabulary
    • ​Hook
  • ​Create your win with* pitching manifesto
    • "Closed mouths don't get fed"
  • Creating content that is unique to you

​And more!

The cap is 25 people,
And if you sign up here's how we're going to exceed your expectation,

​Value stack:

  • ​If you share the workshop on social we will do two things:
    • 1) We will send you a hidden "Personal Brand Swipe File" that will help you build your personal brand equity. It's a waterproof checklist that you can't go wrong with.
    • 2) We will give you a 10% discount that you can use not just yourself but for a friend.
  • ​A 3-month membership to our Brand Orchestrate community <> with no extra cost on your part
  • ​A 30-day accountability check-in with your facilitators to take action on the workshop material
  • ​A credit to join the Identity Leadership+ for Professional Misfits Cohort at a reduced rate -- every time you buy one of our workshops, the investment you make will be subtracted from the global price of our cohort ($1500)
  • ​A 20% discount to the complete LinkedIn 2023 growth program <>
  • ​The good gold stuff: guides, notion kits, worksheets, homework, etc

If some of you are already saying: "shut up and take my money, I trust you, You've already delivered over & beyond my expectations and I have a burning hole in my pocket, money saying: I need to be spent." you can sign up from the link below:

And we promise you, ​If you show up, we will deliver to you in orders of magnitude more value than whatever it is that you pay we will deliver a 3x 4x multiplier on top of that.

Hold on, there's more!
We told you this was going to be an overwhelming valuable email.
We made another video for you.

A video that explains the "X-factor of personal branding" (like, respect, and trust)

That's it for this email.

Have we delivered on the premise? was it valuable enough?

If not, We will take this to the next level with you.

We want to leave no room for excuses for you not to take action on the information shared above.

So if you have a dying personal branding question for me or Tara,

Please send it our way and we promise to answer your question with depth.

Thank you,
We will see you in traffic

The Misfit Way

Amine Hammou | The Art & Biz of Personal Brand

The Misfit Way of building authority, credibility, and industry-recognition with 1200+ internet solopreneurs.

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