The Misfit Way

The Misfit Way

Published 11 months agoΒ β€’Β 3 min read

The Misfit Way 🏴

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Video Talking Head Emails 🏴


Today we’re trying something different.

I’m experimenting with a video format for today’s newsletter.

What will I be covering in this 34min video?

  • Lesson I learned the last quarter
  • My interests & skills (so far)
  • Work-life Integration and the 2 paths forward for My Businesses
  • Why did I launch a new creator venture
  • What’s the strategy/positioning for my social media accounts

It’s linked below.



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Don't fancy me on video?

Read the recap below.


Time to reintroduce myself again
[2023 edition]


The last time I did this was 8 months ago in November 2022

But this time around, I want to do this a bit differently.

If you want to know who I am and what I’ve built in the last year check out this post:​

If you want to stick around to learn more about my business model for this year! Watch the video below:


1) Lessons Learned + New things

  • Extreme clarity through strategy execution
  • Writing is my Ikigai
  • Cohort model, I’m not there yet
  • Circle coaching community not worth the investment, not getting the ROI
  • Marketing should build free value trust before selling high ticket

What’s New?

  • Joined the Top Coach community with Zack Swire
  • Made the tough decision of launching a new creator venture (more on this below)
  • Changed the Brand Orchestrate YouTube channel to my name & my face (bold personal branding move, I know).


2) Interests x skills

  • Personal branding
  • Philosophy
  • Wordsmith
  • Purpose
  • Coaching
  • Creator economy
  • Strategy
  • Community building


3) Work-Life integration

Path A) Brand Orchestrate - Personal Branding That Pay The Bills


Path B) Misfit Way - Personal Branding in The Creator Economy That Makes an Impact


  • Coaching 1 million misfits the art of purpose & the business of personal branding

(Mouvement-based newsletter teaching the internal & external skills + outcomes from path 1)



  • Pro Misfit Club 100 True Fan Membership Community (Β£100/year or Β£10/mo)



  • Misfit Notion Building digital products for each stage of my personal development -> productizing skills & experiences


4) WHY

The only way to be accepted for who you are and live an exceptional life is the misfit way.


5) Social media positioning


  • B2B personal brand coaching, ghostwriting, workshops, digital products -> Promote Brand Orchestrate


  • The misfit talking heads, long-form, education, life experiences, free value content (alpha)


  • Community building x Creator economy (how to be a better creator) -> Promote the Misfit Way


  • Day in the life of a misfit, behind the scenes, mountain biking mainly -> A personal brand that takes you places 🚴


  • Rants, raw, unfiltered me, world-class sass building stronger relationships with IG thots LOL

Spotify (misfit origin)

  • Unedited short & long-term conversations with misfits + lessons I learn during the way (beta) + visualization memos



All socials are found here:



6) What’s still not clear

  • ConvertKit is it worth the investment? I don’t want to run 2 different email newsletters
  • The collaboration & cross-promotions
  • Balance content marketing



That’s a full recap! Enjoy the summer season.

Your misfit friend, Amine!

Will see you in traffic ~


Thanks for reading!

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The Misfit Way

Amine Hammou | The Art & Biz of Personal Brand

The Misfit Way of building authority, credibility, and industry-recognition with 1200+ internet solopreneurs.

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