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Clients' case studies revealed!

~ Week 4 ~


How are you feeling about the cohort so far?

Client 1: I am learning a great deal. There is a lot of information that I will go back to when I have the space to actually take in the information. I feel like the timing was hard for me because I was finishing a huge project and also traveling. I think the wealth of information could be offered and highlighted as it has been done since the second call. I feel like Amine did an amazing job adjusting the cohort's needs.

Client 2: The calls are when I get the most value. Nothing against all of the info shared with us via Notion, it's wonderful. But the talk time together, sharing ideas, and connecting is what makes the most difference for me.


What problems did you have before joining this cohort?

Client 1: Getting more leads to higher ticket clients. Getting clients coming to me. Scaling my business.

Client 2: The main challenges are mindset and gaining experience.


What kind of resistance/challenges are you currently facing with the cohort?

Client 1: With the cohort itself, I feel like I do not have the space to apply everything I need to. This is about my own timing and space as well as facing some internal challenges that come up around worth and money, especially while visiting my parents and having those kinds of dynamics right in my face. I am more in process mode and need to also balance with action mode. But this feels valuable to me, what I am gaining from Amine's direction.

Client 2: Tough question. Probably finding the time to get through all of the material.


What problems have you solved for your business after taking this cohort?

Client 1: I am understanding how I can apply my future content to more high-ticket clients and creators. I am also understanding how I have held my own limiting beliefs around creators not having a lot of money to pay me for my services at a high price that I deserve. I am also learning how to see the clues of who would want my services.

Client 2: Finding an effective way to get customer testimonials/social proof.


What are the things that you are now celebrating because you can now do that you couldn't do before?

Client 1: I am celebrating the potential of what I can do.

Client 2: I'm producing (in my opinion) a high-quality product that gives people much value. I don't know how I would have gotten this experience had Amine not told me to do it for a set # of people for free. I'm learning a lot in the process and enjoying it thoroughly. It feels really good to help people discover better versions of themselves.


What was an AHA moment that completely changed the way you approach personal branding?

Client 1: For me, it was about leveling up my content for high-ticket clients and offers. This is something I did not see before as well as my own limiting beliefs about Creators.

Client 2: Actually doing the work versus thinking about or planning to do the work. It made it real and made me believe I was capable. Also really appreciated better understanding myself from the "I could have done more" perspective and finding tools to work through those feelings more effectively.


What would you like to see more of?

Client 1: More of the type of coaching and consulting Amine did in the last call. I learned so much from it. I felt like it is a testament to his skills and adaptability. I learned so much from both his feedback to me and Leah and he held space for us to learn from each other, me and Leah.

Client 2: I like guided activities in the class when we're on the call.


What would you like to see less of?

Client 1: I think getting so much information and not having highlights to focus on was hard and overwhelming. But Amine adjusted well. I love knowing that I have the resources to apply. I also think sometimes rapid fire of everything that needs to be done when in conversation can be too much to absorb but felt that changed drastically.

Client 2: Not sure.


How can we exceed your expectations to go up and beyond in creating the best cohort experience for you and your business?

Client 1: I think there needs to be space for internal processing and coaching because as we level up and ask for high-ticket clients, at least in my case, I see that shit comes up. That internal stuff has to be seen and processed so we can move into action.

Client 2: Wonderful inspiration during the calls. Unique perspectives that I couldn't come to on my own. Working together to find amazing solutions.


And finally, Do you think this is valuable enough for you to share it with someone else? Our cohort is better with a friend 🧢

Client 1: I would suggest it to friends.

Client 2: There is a lot of great information in the class, so yes.


Still hesitant about whether this cohort is for you or not?


Watch: Private Cohort Call

Know what you're signing up for


The Hunger Games 🐦of Personal Branding is Now Open for Application

Starting on June 14th

Who is it for?

  • If you are looking for a community of rare breeds — outliers — rebels — defiant — leaders, a place where you can feel like you, this is for you
  • If you are looking to take a (calculated) leap of faith and quit the 9-5 to make a living doing what you love, this is for you
  • If you’re looking to start & launch your own one-person personal-branding-based coaching/consulting online business, this is for you
  • If you’re a coach/consultant looking to monetize and scale your online business, this is for you
  • If you have a tiny audience and a high-income skill that you want to teach others online and build a business around it but are not sure how yet, this is for you
  • If you’re still stuck in the $500-$1k per month range with your online business and want to do something about it, this is for you


Who is it not for?

  • If you want to figure out everything on your own and take 10x the time and effort, this is not for you
  • If you’re just looking for a magic pill that will solve all your problems and make you money overnight, this is not for you
  • If you don’t want to make money online while helping others and building a one-person online business, this is not for you
  • If you prefer complexity over simplicity, this is not for you
  • If you are a highly sensitive person who doesn’t know how to keep their personal issues at home and prefers to bring that constant pressure to the business, this is not for you


Why this cohort? What’s in it for you? 🏴

Join the hunger games of personal branding to take back control and learn the skills needed to grow a personal-brand-based business with clarity.

The confidence to overcome “tangible” limiting beliefs

  • Taking action mindset
  • Imposter syndrome mindset
    • Feeling like you fit in
    • Feeling good enough or worthy
    • Feeling seen & heard
    • Feeling outside of the box
    • Feeling supported as a solopreneur
  • Self-promotion mindset
  • Outreach mindset
  • Pricing mindset
  • Your personality & perceptions around money


  • Specific recommendations for your coaching-based education (information) business model

The business of personal branding

  • Levels of the game — Business growth & scalability roadmap (money-making habits)
  • Defining your target audience clearly & early! (market research)
  • Doing the math — Finding your numbers
  • Create an irresistible “focused” offer that people feel stupid saying no to
  • Lead generation → Stop chasing and start gravitation 🧲 better opportunities
  • Sales → Presenting & closing your offer

Core — Essence

  • Vision, mission, purpose, values, origin story → IKIGAI
  • Brand positioning


By the end of this cohort,
You’ll create a lifestyle one-person online business that has:

  • The core essence of your personal brand (fulfilling work)
  • The business approach to attract life-changing opportunities
  • The confidence to get clients
  • The coaching to build the lifestyle you want (so-called work-life balance)


~ Orchestrate a World-Class Personal Brand ~

Starts on the 14th of June.


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Personal Brand MBA 🏴

Learning how to monetize your personal brand and launch 6-figure info-products online and on-demand.