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Orchestrate your Personal Brand,
10 min a day.

"Personal brand is the story that people tell themselves about you and the expectations that they have when you walk in the room."
— Seth Godin

- Here is a breakdown on what you'll learn -

  • Day 0 - [Introduction] Why personal branding is non-negotiable in today's economy?
  • Day 1 - [Lesson 1] Fix this or watch your personal brand die
  • Day 2 - [Practice] The anatomy of a personal brand
  • Day 3 - [Lesson 2] Holistic personal monopoly (irreplaceable niche of one)
  • Day 4 - [Practice] The x-factor of personal branding
  • Day 5 - [Recap] Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself

Personal Branding
Email Course

Build a personal brand monopoly, 10 min a day.

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